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Meth Heads.

Did anyone else play GooGLE Pacman on Saturday? Alex<3 and I played it for 4 hours. Seriously. Maybe 3 and some change. But we really were up until about 4am. I've been addicted to it ever since and really need to get the app off of my iGoogle homepage.


Earlier this year I thought about moving out of my apartment (which i LOVE) because they were cutting hours at work. I kinda pushed it aside until about a month ago, my roommate tells me that she had a METH problem for two months. That made me work a lil harder to find another situation. Pretty much I wanted to live somewhere for under $400 but hoped they had little furniture since I have so much. I also wanted to stay central which is my location now. Kind of picky, but I'm allowed.

Perfect situation.
2 really cool girls (one even plays bass too) that lived DOWN THE STREET from my apartment had an offer up. $285 a month plus 1/3 of utilities. Can't beat that. Only problem is that the smaller rooms (aside from the master) aren't small, they are tiny. I offer to pay $50 more for the master. I have a lot of crap. Bed, desk, dresser, instruments. They seemed up to it. We met last week and discussed logistics, blah blah blah pretty much just checked out if we would get along. They seemed really cool.

Long story short, they decided to go with their other option. They're gonna move into the master bedroom together and rent out the smaller rooms so that 4 people are sharing the rent. >________________<
Eff me with a spoon.
I'll keep quiet about my comments on that living situation, but the thing is, I was really banking on that move. It would save me a solid $100 a month and it was pretty much everything I could ask for.

Also, it would save me from having to kick out my meth head roommate. :-/

So now, I have two options.

A) Continue to look for another place to move to. One that suits all my needs for under $400 a month.

B) Ask my current roommate to leave.

I'm leaning more towards option B :-/ I don't have that much time until the landlord asked us to renew our lease and I wanted to secure a place before I state I'm moving out. Just thinking about the conversation I would have with her is making me nauseous.


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