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New Years Resolution.

It's not going so well, is it?

1. Alex's surprise dinner & party were really really good. Baby had his first hangover lol. I threw a pretty good party, I think. There was A LOT of alcohol especially because half of the people in the room didn't drink lol. We are going to LA March 25th because of my present for him. John Mayer @ Staples Center. I am intolerant of his recent comments though so no John Mayer til LA.

2. I got this scholarship to make a lesson plan I have to teach like twice a week. I started it. It's scary! And exciting. And stressful to come up with new ish and teach it in a way that makes sense.

3. I love my Critical Race Feminism class.

4. I was thinking about getting my own place. As in putting money down on my own condo/apartment. I am very up in the air as to what I want to do now though. I need to make a decision soon. I know I can still afford my place as long as I tread lightly but my job is cutting our paychecks and hours and I am not good at not buying lots of food and clothes. So I am either

a) looking for a cheaper place to live. but it has to be significantly lower than where i live now for it to make a difference since moving is a hassle and costs a lot. the problem with moving in with someone established is that i have a lot of furniture.

b) looking for a cheaper place to live with someone else (preferably zach's girlfriend stephanie. she is clean and respectful and smells good). this seems like an almost lateral move though.

c) staying in my place.

d) moving back home. this would save me a lot of money but possibly increase my stress level and leave me no privacy.

e) putting a down payment on a place. it's just that gaining profit from this will take more than a few years and everyone says the market will be lower anywayz in summer and being a home/property owner is tough! repairing pipes and ac units, etc. and who will take care of it when i am away? the thing about renting though is that i feel as though i'm just throwing away money.


thoughts anyone?


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