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Pimps Don't Backtrack.

But I must.
One of the most epic events of my music career was my junior recital.
I spent hours memorizing the 1st Bach Suite.
Walking on a stage set up with simply a centered chair was so exhilarating and nerve wrecking at the same time. My legs were trembling. I felt like my skirt rode up too much so I was less comfortable than I could’ve been, but that wasn’t saying much. My hands were already pouring with sweat, and I closed my eyes and tried to picture the first notes of the Prelude, but that probably didn’t happen. I took a deep breath and a moment that “should’ve been longer,” according to my orchestra conductor.
The first note was so scary, but I tried to stay calm and remember the patterns and coordination of my fingers and bow hand.
Fine, fine, fine.
Halfway through, my mind just blanks.
What the fudge is the next pattern? In a span of 2 seconds, my mind goes over the options.
a) Run off stage crying.
b) Stop and start over.
c) Stop and try and think of what’s next.
d) Make up something until I figure out where the eff to go.

I chose option D. I freakin improvised (not especially well, I know I stayed in G, but it is what it is) on Bach’s Prelude. I went back and forth in my head for a few weeks being proud of myself for “staying in character” (for lack of better words), I mean, it was my first time playing a piece of that extent from memory for a performance and being pissed at myself for spending all those hours memorizing only to spaz on stage. Thinking back over it, I’m upset again. I finished the piece after finally getting back on towards the bottom of the page (the measure that goes F# C G F#... and played the rest fine (maybe. I still haven’t seen the video). I got through the rest of the movements a lot better though I kinda did the same thing on the Courante and ended that one early. I’m sure I just need to play from memory more often, and Bach is notoriously known for being difficult to memorize.

My next piece was the first movement of Brahms Sonata in Em. I bet I could’ve memorized that one like….WAY easier. I think that one went really well. It's so gorgeous it almost plays itself. And I hit that high C like a champ.

The last piece was the Boccherini duet for 2 celli with Joe. I’m so glad we did our recital together cuz I did everything with him in college! He’s a twin, but I feel like we’re twins sometimes lol. The piece is cute. We played well together and it was the easiest piece for both of us so we could relax. I played 2nd cello, and I think it’s almost harder than 1st cello…it has these ridiculous thumb position chords that I (think) nailed.

I put so much preparation and emotion into this recital because I’m not a performance major and I’m not an exceptional player so I don’t perform (by myself especially) frequently. I loved it though and it makes me want to perform more.

Yaaaay me (and yosef) :-)


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May. 23rd, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
Congrats on a bitchin' performance !

I'm excited for my junior recital next year.
I'm playing Bach II, Halvorsen's Passacaglia (A variation on a theme from Handel's suite for harpsichord in g minor) for Violin and Cello, and Grieg's Sonata for cello and piano in a minor.

I have to do the whole recital from memory, but it shouldn't be too terrible to work on. =D
Jun. 6th, 2009 08:56 pm (UTC)
I know you'll do amazing. And you do have a whole year to memorize, but that sounds scary to me! I can't believe you're doing the whole thing from memory! sheesh.

and thanks for the congrats :-)
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