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.The Original Gangstar Ninja.
25 July 1988
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Please ignore my user name. I created it when I was like 13 and thought I was grown.

My info was last updated 11/15/08

doode. Before just now, the last time I updated my info was probably 4 years ago. Things haven't changed much. I'm older, I have a boyfriend for the second time in my life, I still love music and food. I'm also studying to be a music teacher. I'm probably the most open person to have ever blogged...I talk about my personal life like it's not out there for the world to see. I finally started making my entries private cuz my boyfriend's sister found my LJ and yeah. Not a good look. Also because I could possibly get famous playing bass in my band and media would have a field day posting all the ish I write on here.

Things about me don't match.

+I'm cute.
-I play bass in a hip-hop band
-I play cello in orchestra
+I'm black. I'm filipina.
-+I love to read
-I love to party
+I'm not fat
-I love to eat. Like, I'm an expert.
+I listen to (love) hip-hop.
-and classical (technically romantic/baroque/classical)
-and ska
-and rock
-and metal
-and blahblahblah
+I'm Catholic
-and liberal

I dunno. A lot of stuff about me doesn't add up into your average person.
It's fun, let me tell you.

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