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Meth Heads.

Did anyone else play GooGLE Pacman on Saturday? Alex<3 and I played it for 4 hours. Seriously. Maybe 3 and some change. But we really were up until about 4am. I've been addicted to it ever since and really need to get the app off of my iGoogle homepage.


Earlier this year I thought about moving out of my apartment (which i LOVE) because they were cutting hours at work. I kinda pushed it aside until about a month ago, my roommate tells me that she had a METH problem for two months. That made me work a lil harder to find another situation. Pretty much I wanted to live somewhere for under $400 but hoped they had little furniture since I have so much. I also wanted to stay central which is my location now. Kind of picky, but I'm allowed.

Perfect situation.
2 really cool girls (one even plays bass too) that lived DOWN THE STREET from my apartment had an offer up. $285 a month plus 1/3 of utilities. Can't beat that. Only problem is that the smaller rooms (aside from the master) aren't small, they are tiny. I offer to pay $50 more for the master. I have a lot of crap. Bed, desk, dresser, instruments. They seemed up to it. We met last week and discussed logistics, blah blah blah pretty much just checked out if we would get along. They seemed really cool.

Long story short, they decided to go with their other option. They're gonna move into the master bedroom together and rent out the smaller rooms so that 4 people are sharing the rent. >________________<
Eff me with a spoon.
I'll keep quiet about my comments on that living situation, but the thing is, I was really banking on that move. It would save me a solid $100 a month and it was pretty much everything I could ask for.

Also, it would save me from having to kick out my meth head roommate. :-/

So now, I have two options.

A) Continue to look for another place to move to. One that suits all my needs for under $400 a month.

B) Ask my current roommate to leave.

I'm leaning more towards option B :-/ I don't have that much time until the landlord asked us to renew our lease and I wanted to secure a place before I state I'm moving out. Just thinking about the conversation I would have with her is making me nauseous.


Alex canNOT take criticism. not that most people can, i guess. but geez, let your freakin guard down.

can i also vent about his ridiculously insane obsession with the Lakers?
no one will ever stop men from being into sports, but he can get really pathetic sometimes. His last seven facebook posts were about the Lakers.
Sometimes I wish Kobe Bryant would die...
well that thought was never present until recently. usually i just wish they would lose.
it's not that i didn't know. but if i wasn't his girlfriend, i'd probably think he did nothing else with his life except follow the Lakers. Never any posts about class. Rarely posts about me. Never posts about anything else except John Mayer and the Lakers.

My last UNLV Symphony Orchestra concert is tonight.
que triste.

Writing in my Journal

Sooo how many entries is that for the year?

I love when I am a good teacher. I get so so so nervous that the kids will be bored, or won't learn, or won't participate, that when they do all those things, it's effing exhilarating.

I went in for my ArtsBridge program yesterday morning to teach my Classical Music unit, specifically on Baroque music. It started off kinda slow where I talked about Bach and his millions of kids, Italy, and what kinds of things went on during the Baroque period, but when I asked them at the end of the class what they learned, they pretty much regurgitated everything I said!

I played Bach Toccata in d minor
and had them draw pictures to it. I've been asking them to do this for a piece from every genre (Jazz and Reggae) and some still can't seem to grasp the concept. :-/

Then I taught them about dynamics and I played Vivaldi's "Spring" and "Autumn" where it goes back and forth from forte to piano frequently. For the loud parts I had them stand up and make themselves appear "loud" and for the quiet parts I had them curl up as small as possible. Some of them got really into it and even got on the floor and stuff lolol.

AND THEN. I played Pachebel's "Canon in D" that a lot of them recognized (because it is the most played out "Classical" song of all time) and taught them about rounds/canons. Then we sang TACO BELL's canon lolol.

Taco Salad

Those were the 3 different parts. Then I asked them to come up with their own words:

Michael Jackson
Kid Buttowski

.....yeeah. Lol.
Then my friend Sandro came in and played a Bach sonata on his violin and I was pleasantly surprised that they were really into it! They asked him all kinds of questions and stuff.

I am graduating college soon.

MindDuck. With an F.

I went to sleep around 11pm after a long day of work starting at 8:30, a performance right after, and putting off a nap so I wouldn't eff up my sleep schedule.

Why did I wake up an hour later only to still be awake....now.

Why does my boyfriend tell me he can't get enough of me and then won't want to see me. I DO NOT LIKE MIXED SIGNALS.

I just watched The Reader. I really like Kate Winslet's body.

Alex lost the nearly $300 pair of John Mayer tickets I got for his birthday. I'm not even upset because I pretty much refuse to acknowledge the statement.

I found my wallet that I lost a month ago. Too bad I wasted 2 hours of my life at the DMV already. They put my middle name on my license too. My middle name is a secret. I now have 3 IDs lol. So if you know anyone who needs an ID that looks like me...lol

I think that I could go to sleep now if I tried hard enough.

New Years Resolution.

It's not going so well, is it?

1. Alex's surprise dinner & party were really really good. Baby had his first hangover lol. I threw a pretty good party, I think. There was A LOT of alcohol especially because half of the people in the room didn't drink lol. We are going to LA March 25th because of my present for him. John Mayer @ Staples Center. I am intolerant of his recent comments though so no John Mayer til LA.

2. I got this scholarship to make a lesson plan I have to teach like twice a week. I started it. It's scary! And exciting. And stressful to come up with new ish and teach it in a way that makes sense.

3. I love my Critical Race Feminism class.

4. I was thinking about getting my own place. As in putting money down on my own condo/apartment. I am very up in the air as to what I want to do now though. I need to make a decision soon. I know I can still afford my place as long as I tread lightly but my job is cutting our paychecks and hours and I am not good at not buying lots of food and clothes. So I am either

a) looking for a cheaper place to live. but it has to be significantly lower than where i live now for it to make a difference since moving is a hassle and costs a lot. the problem with moving in with someone established is that i have a lot of furniture.

b) looking for a cheaper place to live with someone else (preferably zach's girlfriend stephanie. she is clean and respectful and smells good). this seems like an almost lateral move though.

c) staying in my place.

d) moving back home. this would save me a lot of money but possibly increase my stress level and leave me no privacy.

e) putting a down payment on a place. it's just that gaining profit from this will take more than a few years and everyone says the market will be lower anywayz in summer and being a home/property owner is tough! repairing pipes and ac units, etc. and who will take care of it when i am away? the thing about renting though is that i feel as though i'm just throwing away money.


thoughts anyone?


My band backed up, as in played beats for while he freestyled, the legendary KRS-One. After that, I went home and did homework lol. How anti-climatic.

myAlex turns 21 today finally!


Shopaholism. I think I might have a minor case.

My friend Philly died. He was beaten to death. Details of the murder are speculated. There's 2 main stories--one, it was a case of bad road rage, two, he was set up.
When I heard the news, I was listening to Pandora radio. I had it set to Outkast, "SpottieOttieDopaliscious". How come Cameron called to tell me the news right when Getoboys, "6 Feet Deep" was playing?

I would like to work out right now, but i can't find my rebel card. Those mats really make a difference on your back.

Still waiting to hear from the scholarship committee.
Still waiting to receive my scholarship refund.
Still wishing I was better at playing music.

Helping out.

I really wanna volunteer!

I already found one that was inspired by getting a free ticket to Disney ha. But I found the perfect one like right away! It was to be a bass instructor at a girls' music camp. Um, DUH that's all me.

I found another one with Catholic Charities to help teach immigrants how to read/write English. I'm always down for literacy. I tried to apply for BigBrothersBigSisters like a year ago, but they didn't have anything available? I wouldn't want to now because the commitment is a school year and band wants to tour, i wanna leave, etc. I would like to find some kind of mentor program though or at least teach kids how to read.


Oh, Haiti.

Eff Pat Robertson.


i am a girl.
it is that time of month.
it is almost Christmas.
it is almost 2 years.
i deserve time more than a few hours.


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